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Hybrid Storage

Utilizing your existing storage and the cloud to deliver better value  & performance for your business.

Backup Facility
As a part of business continuity plan we offer backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions for SME's.
business Email
We offer secure business managed mailbox to provide SME's with flexible client communication.
Business Apps

We engage the client to identify what best fit the requirements and provide the most appropriate solutions.

NFC Tags
Provide a lifetime business card that be transfer with a simple touch. and more with NFC technology..
Smart Security
Solving the security issue in remote location without the need for installing costly solutions.
Data Migration
Our complete storage research management service generates the best solutions for your data..
Business Support
BigIT provide business support and managed services for SME's who have intermediate IT requirements.

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Our complete Storage Research Management service generates the best solutions for your data. With AWS now established in Bahrain, data management options are growing. Our engineers can migrate your infrastructure to take the best advantage of cloud. Redeem your 18 months 100%  Tamkeen covered service with us.

Managed Service & Automation

The benefits of effective Managed Service Automation include increased productivity and efficiency, and lower costs. BigIt can help you maintain your organizations effectiveness with our Automation service.

Educational Solutions, Augmented Reality & AI

The potential for utilizing AR and AI in your business or training

 is vast and expanding all the time, we can guide you through the options and strategize. Major companies like Google and IBM are daily developing new solutions that unlock opportunities, and according to Newswire, 82% of companies who implement such changes report having their expectations exceeded. Stay ahead with BigIT. 

Data Governance & 

Personal Data Protection Law PDPL

A Data Governance Program is becoming a more and more essential tool in contemporary business operations. Our tailor made service covers every aspect of data activity in your BI ecosystem from Data Quality analysis to Master Data Management and with the latest legislation on PDPL which means that Businesses must only process personal data fairly and for legitimate, lawful purposes. This means that the law must recognize the reason(s) why the information is being processed and the information must be used only within the limits of the law.